Reds movie (1981) (moviesbyrizzo)

Reds (1981) - Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton
Latin quote: Ad suum quemque hominum quaestum
est aequum ets callidum ("It is just that every man
should also be keen for his own "fair enough" advantage")

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Reds is the beautiful accomplishment of Mr. Warren Beatty. It is certainly one of the greatest of all time movies ever made. The idea of this movie is to portray the spirit of American "intellectuals" of the era of when communism was a force the world had yet to come to terms with. Although this interest was well intended it must be kept in mind that communism is cruel to the human spirit and is no real answer to our concerns for the appropriate sharing of resources as each must be given according to his true needs - his needs for justice, fairness, and the recognition of his true worth relatively speaking, even amongst his own kinfolk, on the basis of true merit overall. Without this, the human spirit starts to suffer and begins to wither away. Thank goodness that this nightmare has come to an end, and more socially responsible means must now be found for a better allocation of resources amongst our own folks in a spirit of true Christianly kindness without losing sight of merit of individual contribution and worthiness in this respect. The old ideas of oppressive styled communism in Europe must never be allowed again - but the willingness to share and care amidst our own, with due regard to individual merit in our communities in a spirit of true spiritual kinship with adequate care and regard for our societies overall, and in consideration of all we are able to contribute to make for a better place in which to live, collectively in fact - as that is always how it should be - must be encouraged freely.

Michael Rizzo Chessman