Greta Scacchi

The Red Violin (1998) - with Ms. Greta Scacchi
Directed by Monsieur Francois Girard

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The Red Violin is a brilliant offering of
Quebec Director Monsieur Francois Girard
starring the loveliest

Ms. Greta Scacchi

The analogy he offers us, if you are in fact an astute reader
of his message is that of a Violin as compared to the most
beautiful of women (Greta Scacchi in this case - you will remember
her from her finest days of her career in her performance in "White
Mischief", simply the best role ever performed by a British actress
in full form and beauty!) in this regard:

What is the driving force behind the need to acquire and appreciate
that which is beautiful, and just how do we go about exercising the
right, such as it is, one person relative to another.

What makes for the most competent human beings (as appreciators
of what are the natural of gods beautiful creations on earth),
in this respect? Who is it that best does justice to the need to
deserve and care for such objects of our desire and how do we all
differ in this respect as a result of our teachings and our own
place in the world in respect of availability to us of beauty in
abundance where it is so.

The view that such questions are mainly what the movie is about, suggests a very different read than you will get from most people, However I offer myself as a professional movie reviewer
who has in fact attained honours at University for essay writings
in such matters as require a philosophical perspective which goes
beyond a superficial gleaning of the plot of the movie as it were,
or even simply putting up a video stating its length in minutes and
nothing else to convince us that it is a movie we should offer to all
and support with scarce resources in seeding and what you.

To recap, we have to ask: is a beautiful violin equally appreciable
by all people equally? How about a beautiful woman? Is there
a difference that makes for stark comparisons in a way as to
offer edification and insight. A formula for improvement, perhaps?
That is the ultimate message of this movie and for which reason I
think it should gain the widest possible audience now.

Greta is not her very finest self in this movie as she hasn't has many opportunities to perform since "White Mischief". that said, if you do see "White mischief" I think you will agree that in that
movie she has made herself an immortal figure that will live in
our memories forever as that of having appreciated what is the
 most beautiful actress that can come to be in such natural
beauty adorned with British charm in the manner of her great articulation prowess in such measure as to be an example to
all indeed! Greta has never been equaled since or ever for that
matter on the movie screen! 

Michael Rizzo Chessman