The Remains of the day (1993)
- starring  Ms. Emma Thompson & Sir Anthony Hopkins

Latin quote: Alienas optimum frui insania
 ("It is certainly right to win instead if there is
only the most sheer madness now apparently
in evidence on the part of your opponent")

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The Remains of the day speaks to a problem in contemporary society that is true of England, the land where articulation standards seem the most perfect and are certainly supreme in my own view in fact, compared to any other so far developed alternatives (if to see such options would have any desirability in any event, it escapes me for the present moment as to what that might be). The problem in the picture nonetheless is a serious one, its that of human relating in an adequate manner so as to preserve valid emotions and in fact a wellness in the form of being that yield the real best quality of life. 

My own political crusade in the area has been an outreach to see that the values prevalent in related societies in the region especially those of Germany, France, Italy and Spain, all in particular might yield a better formula for a better outcome in future endeavors to bring such people into societies where English is adopted for all its supreme benefits without losing sight of what remains fundamentally non-dispensable in making the transition meaningful, worthwhile, desirable and in the end certainly fruitful.

There can never be an equivalent to the contribution that the British have made to the world in the area of decorum and the trappings of civilized discourse. We are to never lose these benefits or anarchy is the certain result. that said, we must retain our full functioning as we come to learn what benefits there are to be gained, in a manner as to stay within our own sense of what is again, most meaningful personally, each to his own, that come from such related cultures (closely) as I make reference to here

Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins remain in my own mind
"the most popular of visible British icons on stage" in what they are
and in this respect it is no surprise that it is them that tell the story here.

Michael Rizzo Chessman