Nihili est qui nihil amat

"He is of no consequence that loves nothing"

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This is Alfred Hitchcock's best movie in my view. And perhaps the
most important movie ever made to expose the mind of evil in what
is man.

The key actor referred to as having a "malicious personality" even
in his humour especially, (by the young woman in the movie) is exposed as a bitter, hateful, cruelly inane, retarded imbecile at the business of human existentialism. He wants to do evil for its own sake and as the ultimate testament to his "superior" form of being that thinks this way (Sounds like a witch to me).

Why not murder - just for the "thrill" of it?

Well, why not indeed. Thank goodness for the death penalty or
such minds if they do exist might someday be brazen enough
to attempt such a thrill perhaps.

Such an evil mindset as is described this way in this movie
must of course never be allowed to prevail with such defective
ideas or even be allowed to form or exist in our midst I say.

In his interesting essay "Discourse on methodology" (some licence taken) of an existentialism enquiry nature too famous Philosopher Ren
é Descartes asks himself if he can assert with certainty that there is in fact a reality to the fact of his existence. He then decides that it is in fact due to the declaration "Cogito ergo sum" applies with due merit certainly for him personally - the translation of this latin phrase reads "I think therefore I am". Men of sanity realize this to mean that the man who can be normally human in being able to love and care with merit and therefore exist as truly human - existentialism with real meaning in reality therefore. This movie contrasts such a statement against that of a witch-like
mindset which declares in this movie that if we can kill "just for the sake of it" then we do in fact exist - as the preoccupation with evil and its doing is what the fella in this movie is therefore finds himself with the words scripted for him to regurgitate
with what level of conviction one be called upon to muster to the extent that such could incredulously be true of any in our midst without restraint of such mindset and related activities for crissakes!

Michael Rizzo Chessman