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This is no doubt a distraction to you all Britfans out there I say
as leader too at the Britfan site britishcanada dot org, that following on the heels of the (Modhi banned) (just released) BBC documentary (we have it posted for you here additionally) on the Human rights concerns plaguing the Modhi mindset of government regime in India presently, (there is a ghastly exchange I should say,
choosing my words with care in an exchange between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modhi armed a young Britishwoman BBC reporter, in which he refers to her as a possible "captive" with her opinions, and goes on to claim "each should mind their own business" and then adding "The British have no right to preach on human rights"
The BBC is looking into the fears of the moslem minority for such atrocities as being chased and slaughtered by Hindu mobs in India (who worship cows in this example - a huge concern for Modhi who as a Hindu wants to see cows protected from being consumed as food) for the perceived crime of "eating beef". Pakistan's former Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan in a recent speech at the UN
made clear reference to Modhi's involvement with "RSS" an organization seeking to be rid of non Hindu influences in India and which considers the Hindus as a superior race, even to the extent of having WWII era ties with such notions of superiority and even supremacy racially and morally speaking. Imran Khan asks
point blank "Do you folks actually take us for children of a lesser god?" (fer crissakes!!)

Just last night, my attention was brought to this movie out of
India from last year (the third most popular movie in India in all its history with movies) as India's foreign Minister, at a public gathering, makes the remark to the visiting
dignitaries from Britain, that "you guys don't look like good guys" in a clear reference to the depiction of British ruler class types as depicted he said glowingly, and with a smug look of satisfaction in tis regard, to the movie "RRR". Jaishanker points put that it was the biggest movie in India last year (as though that fact alone gives credence to the clearly hatefulness shown the British mindset
at the very outset of how the move opens in what is incredulous "poetic licence" as it were to re-write history so as to cast as complete villains those one would want to see not as even "equals" in anti-colonial era aspirations, but somehow as a spirt deserving to be downtrodden upon in the minds who take this seriously
as relating actual historical events in any sense of honest sanity.

The movie is in Hindi, a language I know well enough given my time in Tanzania where I also learned the native Swahili language too, like most practical expatriates of the time, and for this reason I took it upon myself yet again to fix clear misquotes in the english subtitles of what was actually said on the screen.
I only fixed a few lines this go-round, however sufficient to the task I submit. The subs in english are hardcoded for you in our conversion of it here, we also had to fix the audio sync which was clearly out in the 2GB version we downloaded to obtain a source file with quickest speed to begin. We'll post our subtitles template on the net for those seeking to convert to other language options using our base offering equally.

So the outrage against this colonial piece of anti-British hostility and downright hate in the depiction it opens with, is to suggest that the Viceroy of India might be so taken with a native girl in a village for her rudimentary even song singing exhibition, that they would cart off with her, and along the way stop to "spare a bullet"
insisting that the waste of a full "pound sterling" on a bullet was overkill, and that a simple perhaps bludgeoning about the head using a tree trunk would do the job just right to show off British sensibilities as perceived of the colonial era by these
movie makers in what becomes to me an undefensable piece of hate propaganda we are taking way way too much off on the planet without having equal enough seeming a platform given all the name calling being bandied about.

There is s strong suggestion of romance between a British gal and a native Indian man, however the depictions are not what gives rise to any idea that they are in fact on a level playing field with what cultural baggage and ideations of historical note have them set apart in reality as this movies goes on to establish anyway, trying to play both sides as if that would justify its tone at he outset as we see. Its described as showing "the best of India" culturally" at google links on the net summarising opinions from their gleaning of net content opinions given mainly locally from where the movie
originates one would have to mainly guess, but there you have it and here we are to let you decide for yourselves in the best regard to notions of enlightened actual notions of merit in what would turn out as quite in fact valid notions of right minded
democratic thought as it were. Take care

Michael Rizzo Chessman
Leader - britishcanada dot org fansite