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"Rumpole" - Leo Mckern

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Rumpole of the Bailey is a hugely popular offering for
real British fans. As a Barrister at the Old Bailey
Courthouse in London, Leo McKern's character (Horace
Rumpole) is quite an interesting and charming character

I most like Ms. Patricia Hodge in this series who seems
wasted being married in the plot to the relatively
unromantic (no doubt) character of "Claude Erskine

There are many interesting Legal and moral/cultural issues
examined including the appropriate conduct in the courtroom
of Lawyers, Judges and those being tried for Crimes they may
or may not be guilty of. And then there's the witnesses and
Jury too certainly - not to mention Police Officers testifying
in cases in respect of their competence in bringing charges.

A particularly frank look at Multicultural experiment of
(for example) bringing a person into the system from
abroad to train is looked at "The Inn" in "Rumpole and the
fascist beast" episode. Then there's Rumpole and the Golden
thread which sees Rumpole called off to Africa to take part
in the Justice system there - as set up by the British in this
particular former colony to where he is called. How much
of the effort in such colonization schemes can be seen to
payoff in this case? You might be surprised at the differences
that endure certainly too certainly too in this depiction here

Then there's the strange case of "Rumpole and the children of
the devil" in which we see the cruelty inflicted of a child by a
state on an obvious witch-hunt, as they deny her even her toy
"Barbie doll" as shes carted away to an inquisition! This - to
the loveliest Germanic Irish spirited young girl you could
imagine being inflicted with this!

There's a look at sexual harassment in the workplace, Prison
reform, Sentencing reform, and many such related issues along
the way as there are fully 44 episodes presented to you here in

There's certainly enough murders to solve too along the way!

Rumpole himself is often seemingly contradicting himself in
where it is that his sense of honour truly lies. The fact he might
just look the other way rather than be told his client is guilty
(and therefore no longer a paying client perhaps!) is troubling
in what is my own view of how the profession needs to be reformed.
Any other idea of integrity becomes suspect of simply "going
through the motions" without having due regard to the safety of
the public or the real needs of Justice as it were. Oh well , no
one's perfect I suppose!

The British have supreme taste in music most of all I have most
often said of many Programs with British theme music on the whole.

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