The Russia House 


The Russia House (1990) - based on the book
John Le Carre Michelle Pfeiffer Sean Connery

"It is a melancholy truth that even great men
have their poor relations" (Charles Dickens)

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Please note that this particular movie has much of its nuances and sensibilities conveyed in the particular expressions in the vernacular of the English language that expressions come from now and then that makes a lot of meaning which is lost in translation. As such it is going to only be mainly appreciated I suspect by those that are fluent enough in English to follow along the British dialogue in the movie without too much difficulty as it were, despite several language offerings of it for you additionally.

Russia House comes from a brilliant piece of writing by John Le Carre. 

It is a message for the uniting of human beings in a common cause - survival of those that deserve to be free to follow their conscience and place the welfare of the human race above political considerations or loyalties that are limited in vision as a result particularly perhaps of a brand of bigotry of sorts - that caliber that tends to breed nationalism above humanism of the best spirit in fact.

The message of the movie is that the Russian woman that is played by Michelle Pfeiffer so beautifully is a woman for whom we must be prepared to stake our futures altogether. We must be as much for her as we are for anyone else on this earth. That is the decision that Sean Connery's character makes in this movie in his bid to assure that mutual deterrence is at least maintained so as to secure Russia against those that might strike her without just cause. This is his response to being asked to be a "decent human being" by the Russian character in the movie that is his source of intelligence in the provision of possible secret information of great value in fact. There is after all no greater cause for which we might choose to live than to preserve Michelle Pfeiffer from all that would threaten her in what would be a carnage of the human spirit. Sean Connery's character is therefore acting in good conscience for us all in making our world a better place to be based on good sense alone. She additionally certainly inspired romantic love and passion and no doubt this factors in for Connery's character in the movie additionally.

It was sad to see how little Russia was aided in its drive towards democracy and a free economy at a time when help was most needed. This is something that shouldn't escape notice as it suggests that we do not at present follow the best advice on the world stage for lack of leadership that has true and real wisdom as is the sort demonstrated by taking the message of this movie to heart. It is my most sincere hope and desire that this will in fact change and soon and indeed forever more.

Michael Rizzo Chessman