Sami Blood  Sami Blood (2016) (Sweden)
Optional english subtitles included  


This 2016 movie is from Sweden and is in the Swedish language with english subs on-screen (we've provided a few other usable subs we were able to find and make fit - no Italian subs as yet however we do have Italian subs we are planning to re-sync and post when time allows - perhaps someone else will get there sooner in doing so for whatever other language needs our folks there especially in continental Europe where this movie is deemed of particular importance in its setting and both current and perhaps even future implications somehow)

The question is whether those of the Sami reindeer herding tribe traditionally raised and reared, could be brought into Swedish society in some sort of an ultimately successful co-called 'multicultural" (and multi-racial at the core too certainly) experiment of some sort. (See picture of the Sami tribe girl with a weapon readied against a Swedish chap in the community with whom she was for a moment it seemed, having just a verbal disagreement - doesn't bode well for the perhaps easily forseeable results of such an experiment)

There are charges which always seem to fly that there is so-called "racism" at play when members of a community are reluctant or not feeling a need amongst any of their present members already in their midst, to embark on such an experiment for fear that it will only result in discomfort and unfairness to those of their members who most stand to gain from leaving things as they are, rather than adjust to the demands of others in what different functioning and thinking they may bring on matters of importance and relevance to the maintenance of a peaceful cohesive, well knit and sanely functioning community of peers who get along well together, feel close to one another in a humanly supportive and most of all, merited manner, and feel a kinship of community required for the long term maintenance of mental health truest happiness of merited quality and safety and security of community members that have merit in maintaining their community in the first place as a positive force on the planet for the sake of mankind ultimately in respect of all right notions of truest justice which go along with this description.

Michael Rizzo Chessman