santiago italia (2018)
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This Documentary speaks to the horrors of communism
(a man forced to peel potatoes despite having had
qualifications to be more satisfactorily, and the rape of
the economy by peasant farmers taking all they want -
this was replaced by the tyranny of military rule and
oppression by sadistic forces which preyed on the
population, targeting so-called leftists mainly it would
 appear for torture including brutal murders, thousands of disappearances related thereto and torture chambers where electric shock and the abuse of women of sexual and emotional natures were carried out - for no reason one could imagine than to be cruel as is often seen when communism is allowed to prevail and certain of its peoples show their colours as predators to the general population it would appear. (Just as we saw in the GDR, Soviet Union, china and elsewhere this seems to happen I should think)

Ultimately, the folks of Chile who took refuge in friendly Italy say they feel just as much members of the
family that has adopted them as Italian members of the family too, along with their comrades left behind in Chile.
The only misgiving seeming that life in Italy seems too much a struggle to achieve economic self sufficiency
so as to provide for a level of security that is adequately much more fitting to its needs of its competent people
who deserve the best among all, and have yet to have a satisfactory level of economic attainment to the extent of
being free to show a focus on just being part of the greatest most loving community rather than seeming
caught up in the "rat race" unable to show enough of how they feel in what is so close a bond which runs underneath - a bond so strong it may yet turn out to be the best there is when all is said and done.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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