Saturday Night Fever

Tanto major famae sitis est, quam virtutis
Quis enim virtutem amplectitur ipsam, Praemia si tollas?

"So much greater is the thirst for fame than for virtue- for
who indeed would embrace virtue at all if you remove what
are yet its actual rewards

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Saturday Night Fever - (1977)

Academy award nominated for best actor and winner Golden Screen award (Germany) this is one of the most popular movies for those who grew up around the 70s and even earlier.

Disco sound has real human feeling and sanity to it I say, compared to what's too often heard instead today on some media outlets. Such bloody great music so much of it - what with the Bee Gees etc We'd very much love to see it brought back including discotheques and some real sense of romance in the air for those who truly enjoy this music in merited sense. I think the language used in this movie could improve however it is a struggle to maintain honesty at times without being forceful it would appear , as long as a better spirit of understanding is the intended outcome and best accomplished in whatever manner is only rightly needed at the end of it all for the benefit of the best spirits all around. enjoy the return to the 1977-era vintage Disco eh (forever more amen)!

Michael Rizzo Chessman