Scarface Al Pacino Michelle Pfeiffer (moviesbyrizzo)

Tros, Tyriusve mihi nullo discrimine agitur
"Trojan or Tyrian - I treat them as the same without discerning between them..."

Scarface - (1983)

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This movie is a great look at masculinity as portrayed by the great
Al Pacino in a character that has great potential to be transformed into
a personality that can better fit into the mainstream where he could be
more comfortable leading the planet, I suggest in what is an
 orientation which is altogether most full with human capacities for
 giving care and security to loved ones free of meaningless and
 superficial feigning that seemingly pervades all too many men on the
 earth who (in which case) wouldn't give real care to womenfolk and
 family by comparison

He is I believe the stuff that potentially real men are made of
 ultimately. Strong and yet with unrivaled expression of human feeling
 and care on the planet I believe.

Now if only he would learn to be more polite to dear Michelle Pfeiffer
who he doesn't believe is giving him all the credit he is due (nor is he
 giving her the same I believe). Perhaps these two ought to see a
 marriage counselor who has their mutual interest really and truly at
 heart - there could be none better for either type in the future I
 believe with the utmost sincerety

Michael Rizzo Chessman