Scenes from a marriage (Sweden) 1973-1974
If you wish to make a mutually fulfilling marriage,
marry only your equal in merit (translated from a
Latin proverb)

Scenes from a marriage (Sweden) (1973 TV Series) (1974 movie version)

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The series looks at the marital interactions between a beautiful blonde spirited gal (Ms. Liv Ulmann stars) teamed up with a personality seeming much resembling at times that of "torvald" perhaps - particularly in Et Dukkehjem - the original Norwegian production (1973 as well) of playwright Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House" which chronicles the abuse that women of this greatest spirit suffer when paired with incompatible men when fundamentals become clearly obvious in their different orientations on matters I believe.

Another blonde gal in this movie is abusively spoken of by her husband in what is mixed company certainly, making some reference to "the parting of her legs" n what is vulgar language to her spirit of course. When she expresses revulsion of him in response, he seems mainly to laugh things off in insensitivity which can only cause harm to the human spirit present in the room and indeed on the entire planet of ours on which we live I suggest.

Then there's a scene around 1hr 40 minutes in the earlier movie too, where our own dear Liv Ulmann's character expresses humanly present objections to being smothered by her mate seeking intimacy at the wrong moment for her, and he seems to respond in smothering fashion once again in the sort of invalid response to her spirit which causes certain harm when allowed to go on without public opposition to such outcomes being allowed in the sort of spirited community which should come together to care for these gals and save their spirit for the sake of a planet worth continuing to live on in my own view and belief I must say emphatically.

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Michael Rizzo Chessman