Schindler's List

French quote:
La raison du plus fort est toujuours la meilleure

"The reasoning of the strongest is generally seen by some
as generally seeming always the the wiser"

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Schindler's List (1993) Liam Neeson

This movie deals with the tale of one Oscar Schindler, a man in Germany who
kept Jews from the gas chambers by giving them work refuge as it were

The sort of atrocities depicted in this movie as well, tells of the evil nature of
many who were involved in committing them, with insanity venting much of the
time in what is discernible displays of sadistic barbarity which has no place
among civilized men. A Jewish woman says that her German mate rejects any need to
give any more seeming excuses for why he goes on rampages to beat her incessantly -
except for his excuse at the end of it all - the reason was that she objected to the treatment and kept asking "WHY" Why indeed.Never again should harm befall an innocent soul simply to feed the insane appetites of those involved (Hitler and his mindset that is) - whatever they did to the Jews had very little do do with any valid sense of right or idea of justice for whatever their differences. It had to do with evil making a show of what it is which makes them vent on such occasions as the rise of Hitler - they do it because they have an excuse along the way, to vent with insanity while claiming the moral ground "just cause" as Bush did in Iraq along with his cronies and even involving the Israeli lobby which tipped the scale in favour of war in the final crucial vote in Congress.

Michael Rizzo Chessman