Sense and Sensibility (1995) - Jane Austen 
Ms. Emma Thompson adaptation

Non omnes aedem mirantur amantque
All do not admire or love in the same manner or idea of
what is love and how it is appropriately evidenced with
regards to real merit (anymore, it would now so appear)

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As the greatest possible admirer of Jane Austen's works, and
the great fan and admirer of Emma Thompson along the way as
a dear, dear, spirit equally, on the world stage even apparently. 
I am yet pleased to now point out this lovely movie for those that
love the British genre of storytelling with much romantic pull at
the heart strings throughout, along with great insights of humanly
beauty most especially and particularly from "Maryann" in
addition of course to Emma's character "Miss Dashwood" (and their
dear much younger sister who is a joy on the screen for our future
hopes additionally).

Enjoy this great movie and please share with other like minded folks
that love to improve on their articulation prowess while immersing
themselves in a fine display of great British beauty for  a rejuvenation of the spirit as it does that for me certainly and I can only be away from it personally, for short period at a time - if that. In fact the movie disc is worth acquiring simply to get your hands on the speech my Emma at the Golden Globe awards. its a treasure of insightful wisdom indeed and lovely eloquence too certainly!
 (Hell, I personally forked over fully twenty dollar bill just to get my hands on the DVD for Emma's speech around the time it first appeared around") I later donated half a dozen copies to the Toronto Library I purchased with personal funds from Columbia House Video Club while they remained in business in this town - nice folks I found them to be!

Michael Rizzo Chessman