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This is a series i enjoyed watching this BBC Series (they are the
best in such programming) on the PBS channel when it was
broadcast here initially. series Seems to have gone off the
air since - perhaps due to cuts ordered by that incompetent
President in the States such as in this special regard -
monsieur Donald Trump

It is an interesting Lawyer Series with two items coming to mind,
in a show with a nice cast and interesting storylines. In one
moment of a dubious sane functioning mind, a British Judge
encourages a defence counsel (a Black man whose exchange with
a Scottish looking waitress who was in the witness box as a result
of having been raped by a group of men - something this lawyer was
suggesting had to do with contributory actions on her part such
as wearing a short dress it would seem) to go on with his line of
questioning in a manner as to suggest he did welcome the intrusive
and offensive remarks by defence counsel in what seemed like a
display of tension which may have had racial dimensions
additionally perhaps in the mind of a viewer.

The other is when Billy, one of the lawyers depicted, who seems a
real nice chap in the norm I'd say for sure, becomes unfortunately
impotent as a result of illness and becomes overly aggressive
perhaps in "coming on" to a woman on staff in what is admittedly
perhaps an act of "over-compensation" in the circumstances. Too
bad, nice guy I say in the first place.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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