George Soros 2019 Documentary


This is a documentary of a so-called "philanthropist" by reputation the very unpopular in European circles mainly - George Soros born to a family of Jewish descent, in Hungary, his birthplace.

It covers his whole gambit of activities and interviews him at length trying to uncover his motivations and aspirations as it were. Ultimately he turns out to remain an enigma to most in this regard. This, because he isn't able to offer any better an idea behind his activities other than to say "he has the money - so why not spend it on some cause" - in the hopes ultimately he supposes that all such spending leads to more "open society" and this to him means funding huge non traditional migration into Europe from areas that seem incompatible with the socio-economic goals of the inhabitants of Europe in the first place - where of course Europeans have been the peoples in those lands that are in fact what we call Europe. It has included funding for "Black lives Matter BLM" movements in America, who Senator Ted Cruz has pointed out is involved in his clear view, into (racially motivated) terrorism and ideations aimed at the American people broadly speaking. he does have some pull with the black population around the nation of South Africa where he has given to educate black children exclusively in his funding criteria, and also to gypsies in Europe and Gay marriage campaigns and a host of causes in the far east, and elsewhere - no matter the cause such as for the rights of intellectually disabled people in European areas etc,

It seems mainly a desire for attention perhaps that's feeding this frenzy of giving whenever the mood strikes, to causes that are pretty much marginalized ones across the board - the causes of normally functioning family oriented folks around European areas of poverty not having drawn any of his sympathies or loosened his purse-strings in some show of merited empathy at least equally not being of his obvious concern, as perhaps - causes that are already well enough surviving I should think maybe is at the core of his defence.

As for being a Nazi collaborator, and a demonic type as is espoused as an opinion for much of the opening few minutes of the documentary video, it might seem that one would want to narrowly focus on the ideas of merit when it comes to the defining of "merited engagements in philanthropy" as many so-called Nobel laureates appearing in clips being interviewed on Soros all have mainly fringe related focus and obligations in respect of the causes they remain committed to in the main and feel obliged to speak for, all other having been silenced by the politics of the so-called PC (egalitarian seeming) movement that mainly is in fact most concerned with the overriding agenda of the LGBT/BLM and related movements that would have previously been unheard of as taking center stage with seeming aspirations of replacing what was previously the only known basis for humanism out in Western areas, in any event - and equally in other so-called under privileged or under developed areas economically etc etc speaking. The final truth
on where we are all at finally in our raison d'etre in the various camps and the numbers thereof only now emerging thanks to the efforts we are making everywhere only now in countering the developments in response with responsible free speech now being tolerated seeming once more. Amen to that I say brother!

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