Decies repetita placebit
Ten times repeated it will please even more and more!" (Ceaser)

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The sound of music (1965) is the greatest
movie ever made for our children with a beautiful mind to absorb
greatness which is the spirit of the nurturing that Ms. Julie Andrews
represents for our world in this respect. With some of the greatest
songs ever written and a very nice story to go with it all but mainly
the lovely presence of Ms. Andrews and her impression on the
children as she imparts a better vision of the world and what it has
to offer in a rich existence and with sound meaning for what it really
means to be superior, thinking in the most intelligently human way.
No child should be without this movie, 500 families wait for a copy on
a waiting list at the Toronto library. Shame on you is what I say to the
likes of Bill Gates et al at govt HQ.

Unless we change the thinking of the genre whose mindset kowtows
to the so-called incredulously considered "wisdom" of the Character
played by Mr. Christopher Plummer in this movie tale - our children
will suffer as though they should be treated as we do pets like dogs
perhaps instead. (sic) - Its all in the script - honest!

Michael Rizzo Chessman