La Stazione scene

La Stazione (1990) - directed by Sergio Rubini Starring the
beautiful spirited
Ms. Margherita Buy of Italy

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, my sin. my sin, my grievous sin

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This is a movie I first saw on the Canadian broadcasting network decades ago.
The movie tells us that not all men know how to treat a lady in a sane manner, specifically to bloody the nose of a woman who has  such a great Irish spirit of
Europe generally speaking as Margherita Buy shows she has in this movie - simply
because she gives a fella she's trying to get rid of a bit of a slap for continuing
to manhandle her and treating her rudely and aggressively and in a pushy sort
of way, is soon I believe to be an offence of the gravest nature to those in our communities and to the conscience of the best men who will act in a  manner as
to protect women from such abusive men. I always thought Ms. Buy was the best
of the women in Italy in spirit and demeanor and great looks, and certainly
featured her for some years at my website for
many years, given her role in particular in this movie hoping to improve
attitudes on matters concerning violence against women generally and of
her integrity in particular. world it is that we are a part of indeed. discussion
can only lead to better open eyes on the matter and  more protection for our
own  beautiful lovely dear Margherita (Ms. buy) in this world.

We can do better that this in Italy I say, as no doubt the very best of men
(potentially) are indeed born there no doubt at all!

Michael Rizzo Chessman


Michael Rizzo Chessman