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The stoning of soraya M (Iran) (2008/2009)

When a mullah devoid of sanity of human decency of conscience and in fact is instead consumed 
with cruelty that nothing short of a witches mind would fathom brewing in his mind so to speak 
and require all in a village to go along with and with complicity participate in the brutal killing 
in what is savagery and barbarism even the Nazis were not labelled with to the extent they were 
able to use a bullet for crissakes and stoning a woman to a bloodied corpse of a battered body 
of a former woman who would have been a member of their community providing care and love to her 
sort of well meaning community members such as they are - although one would have to wonder if they 
choose not to die rather than to do this to another of their own. 

All it takes is an accusation of adultery or fornication (these mullahs cant stand a man or a woman enjoying 
secular music for crissakes as it robs them of their constant preoccupation with religious chanting sounds 
provided as a substitute instead - a debate raging in Pakistan equally as you will remember from 
our earlier posting of the documentary "Among the believers") A woman can then be dragged out and in 
inhuman style of psycho drama be hurled with stones to her face and body until there is nothing 
left of her human form and a similar toll is taken on the spirit of all humankind in the region and elsewhere 
this becomes known  as no doubt this is part of what the arrangers of such exhibitions pride themselves 
on as "pure beings" of "high moral stature'. Its the stuff of demonic fixated minds to make folks live 
with this hell of a nightmare situation in any community of special human concern as Iran is. 

I have been fighting for the end of sanctions against our folks in Iran, saying it harms the people and not 
the regime. I have personally crusaded with this message and taken it to thousands of parliament members 
in North America and across Europe including all members of the Bundestag. I have told them that some of 
the nicest people on the planet are in fact in the communities in Iran, however the theocratic form of 
government which is so cruel an inhumane to its people n the application of so-called sharia law must be 
toppled by Iran's own citizens standing up to tyranny and with support from the world community including 
Russia especially the closest of the friends of the better folks extant in the region as I put it plainly even to the 
Parliament of Iran via email at this point. 

Thanks for seeding - this cruel barbarity must end - and sanctions applied personally to those involved 
by criminal prosecution at the Hague etc and with capital punishment brought in for such murder acts 
as this inanity shows itself to be. May god have mercy on all concerned with this cruelty in our midst. 

No man engages in acts of a violent nature beyond what is humanely justified in self defence of what 
is ultimately the good of this earth - much beyond that and he starts to look like a freak with instead 
evil guiding his actions rather than a conscience with merit of good. 

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo) !