sunset song

heu melior quanto sors tua sorte mea
(translated from the latin for you here):
"alas, how much better is your lot than mine"
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Sunset Song (2015) (Scotland)

This movie out of Scotland chronicles the sad experiences of a case of a kind minded woman of some Scottish insights too, from being around a cruel father and later husband when he turns insane on a whim too.

The moral of the story brings back a memory of when as a young man I had just started my career - back then as a Manager of a Stereo store in Calgary Canada and took a part time course in Business Administration to further my education. In a section on Leadership qualities in Industry and beyond, there was the point made that there are clear differences that can spring from the concepts of "Formal authority" versus 'legitimate or personal loyalty based" authority.

You see one might hold a position which they deserve not to hold, based on a lack of competence and in this case the word abusive - insanely so - would be the level and sort of incompetence we speak of in such regards as a community I daresay. Legitimate authority ,is based on being deserving based on your own merit.

This movie shows a cultural divide on the planet where certain mindsets are engaged to get a kowtow for others in how movies are scripted to show excessive mourning for insanely cruel and abusive monsters in both father and husband roles as depicted herein.

As such its time we shook off those shackles, those chains and said NO and had the community come to terms with this new reality we are to live with.

only the deserving are to hold anyone under and sort of moral
or functional authority role, or position of care or policy making
- otherwise we simply encourage the witch like ugliness depicted to be played out as rather than fearing rebuke and sanction, it appears some take it into their heads to think they'll be cheered on even - as after all they are only acting like "men" as the local vernacular jargon usage might informally

Thanks for seeding - full nudity (only mentioning it as the Scots traditionally are quick to pint out when such transgressions in the minds of some of the old guard remain a concern - would you believe - I only mention it as the subject is dealt with in the movie script just before the moment of truth when our dear gal reveals herself to her audience in full grandeur as it were before a mirror) wow!

Michael Rizzo Chessman