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PBS Frontline Documentary- Syria behind the lines

The fall of Saddam Hussein's Regime and the unsupportable destruction of Iraq which seemed also needed by the supporters of the Bush mindset based in the US and elsewhere related, gave too many in mideastern areas, ideas that they might replicate the destruction of secular regimes then in place such as in Egypt Syria and elsewhere, in favour of moslem theocracies, such as we have come to know of in Iran following the fall of the Shah Mohamed Reza Pehlavi, who had been Western leaning and so was the society he led back then in respect of its cultural shows in public and orientation of the folks there generally speaking quite honestly too. This has brought carnage and the cruelties of war to Syria for some years now, a country with many human beings present still who have real human sanity feeling and decency to outstrip all too many detractors in the west despite these folks from the mideast having no real argument or sense of merit ultimately in exporting their religious dogma or baggage to western areas by migration etc as there is no basis for doing so against the spirit in the west that adheres to Christianly values instead in real form of endowment quite literally in fact. Melanie Griffith does not need to wear a long dress or cover her face to be a better human it would simply be insane to who it is she is instead and those of us sane enough in the West to say so in how we regard her here. This documentary does have a moment of insight when a "preacher" (looks like an import from North Africa) speaks down to those who come to their community as refugees seeking bread and water and shelter. he makes a point that Syrians have been known to refuse refugees room in their own space - yet they expect more of a welcome from Europeans it would seem such as at the Hungarian border where the reception was perhaps extreme back then, best to send them home (in Turkey for now perhaps?) with some food and water without delay. The nice folks in Syria and Iraq etc - those who are their nice folks are better off in their own areas as they are better preserved to care for their own (with real merit (from what I've seen) as neither they nor merited folks in the west benefit from competing the the same space for prevailing on ideas of better mindsets, religious dogma or spiritual existentialism and what that means. Also included are a couple of MP4 mini clips on the Iraq disaster spoken to by Sir George Galloway the man of great conscience known to be from Scotland and sitting as a British MP along the way. hose of the Irish spirit would never wish any harm either on folks who have merit on the planet it is the Bush mindset I submit which screwed up the area in the mideast with meddling and malicious fervour that even Galloway says is true of what took place - not to mention a pissin down 'the drain of 4 triliion dollars in a bloody war, testing weapons when feeding those deserving of our own kids would have been the human choice to do with the monies instead.

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Michael Rizzo Chessman