Syriana  Syriana

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This movie stars George Clooney (married to a mideastern woman in real life - Iran in fact - movie opens with a scene from Tehran, Iran). He won the Academy award for his acting role in this movie.

The movie deals with political intrigue in various parts of the mideast with American Intelligence agencies involved in espionage and advancing their own seeming interest there too it would appear.

Personally I think it best we stay out of there if all we end up doing is bombing Iraq back into the dark ages when all they had already withdrawn from Kuwait (a place they could have used to share some added resources with the nicer folks in Lebanon and elsewhere in the mideast rather than preferring to give it all away into the hands of a few Sheiks from Kuwait - ostensibly friends of George Bush a negative personality disordered type I believe as a man known additionally to be also "unkind" (politely phrased) to the Irish spirit as I described him when i watched him in an interview with a female news reporter from Ireland to whom he appeared hostile to her radiating humanly warm spirit of Chrsitianly goodness, as was apparent to me that share in this with her in my own mind and heart too I believe. I remember pointing this out in a mass email to Western Press and Political leadership back at that time in 2006 (circa)

The war adventure into Iraq cost us fully four trillion dollars, enough to fund the establishment of a paradise for Irish spirited souls on the planet rather than pissed down the drain by his foolish mindset i submit.

Anyway, enjoy this finely entertaining movie - a bit of the "Bourne Series' feel to it with both Matt Damon and actor playing his antagonist in that series both featured in this movie too!

 Michael Rizzo Chessman