Tall Guy (1989) Ms. Emma Thompson, Jeff GoldBlum   

Stultitiam patiuntur opes 
"Wealth sanctions (excuses) folly"

This is a terrible movie in that Jeff Goldblum has too much monopoly time on the screen, and Rowan Atkinson makes do with his traditional slapstick performances. Emma Thompson on the other hand, dear dear Emma,  gives  us a real prize indeed! We get a prolonged elongated scene with Emma doing
 a topless tumble with Goldblum which leads to quite some magic moments as it were. Some might
just have been convinced to possibly pay a small fortune to see Emma this spritedly showing off, however darn it, Goldblum just doesn't deserve to hand her a lousy script so he can star in his self indulgence based on nothing more than having a spoon stuck in his mouth. (some people are just born lucky what can I say!)

Michael Rizzo Chessman


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Emma Thompson speech (Golden Globe awards for sense and sensibility)