Leila Hatami - Iran

Taxi (2015) (Tehran) (Jafar Panahi)

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This documentary styled film tells you that there is much to be done in education and programming to re-oirent many of  our folks such as the young fella shown in a taxi cab around Iran chatting with a woman in the backseat about the merits of "sharia styled" laws - most especially the death sentence for minor offences as stealing car tires (which the woman - a teacher in fact as is her professional calling in Iran as it turns out we are told) suggests that he re-think his engagement with humanism and stop the knee jerk reaction to inflict death sentences on offences which don't merit it such as in the case she point out of a man or men caught stealing tires from an old car out of what she points out may have been an act of desperation - why not to save a starving family as has been known to happen throughout history in various parts of our planet where we choose to live.

For my part I can tell you that the very nicest people I have met with regards to capacity to genuinely care for one another in simply the most humanly beautifully sincere and even "god-like' goodness of spirit and decency of soul have in fact been from Iran! So I discount the "mullah" types or those wishing to be taken in by them in order to inflict harsh conditions of life and cruel punishments to boot on our people there - a fact of life we must bring to an end - to our best of folks there - and our folks everywhere else on the planet - especially where our best will likely come from in the future as Ive indicated in my comments previous based on improvements of economic and cultural factors I'd like to promote on the net as I have been.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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