The Irishman

"The Irishman" - 2019 Starring Mr. Robert De Niro along with Mr. Al Pacino - our two best!

This movie directed once again by Martin Scorsese bring together our dearest men on the planet Mr Robert De Niro along with Mr. Al Pacino. Its from 2019 - amazing that such actors could still be made looking in such great shape as they do in the movie - although I didn't think Al's haircut choice was a nice one to make on his behalf by his handlers. (I think that's called the "mushroom cut" and its what you get offered locally in Chinatown if you like the style for just six bucks - with no tip added that is).

For some reason, every time our two great men come together in a movie (such as with "Righteous kill" - etc) some screwball types seem always to like to see if they can somehow get them to fight each other and even pretend to kill each other by writing the script accordingly. I just dunno why - but I think movies should be made for those with decent hearts and minds at the core ultimately by those who can do the kowtow to match in spirit if not in actual substance of doing as well as men on the planet. Hows that for a compromise?

Enjoy this great movie about the two best men - both are Italians of mind and soul - don't ever get that wrong - although both radiate their genuine sense of decency and kindness to people of merit in their own style of being - and in both their cases - its the best of the type in their respective genres of presenting as they do.

Michael Rizzo Chessman