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The attack (Israel -2012)

This movie, based on a French bestselling novel looks at a case of an Arab man from Lebanon who is a success in Israel as a surgeon of note. His wife becomes involved in the resistance movement and carries out a suicide bombing causing the loss of innocent lives without a doubt, as the attack is carried out in a random Cafe in Tel Aviv - frequented by the way by all who live there, even Arab and
Jew alike.

Amin (that's his name - the Arab equivalent word meaning "Amen") becomes concerned that his (Christian denomination) wife may have in fact been somehow misled as to the wisdom of carrying such a crime, by a Moslem extremist cleric from a nearby town. He feels so repulsed at what has happened that he declares in an angry moment that his wife "deserved to die" if she could do something so horrible. His wife had even been scripted to say she had fantasies of being a "Navajo warrior" - hardly a feminine choice of pursuit or one that would fit the bill for the many women of her genre who are instead caring women who greatly nurture their husbands and children with warmth and genuine emotive care and real love.

He ultimately gets the answers he's looking for but decides not to turn in the evidence he comes across in his investigative trek into nearby Nabulus as he declares "he cannot bring any more repression against his people" who at the end of it all justify what she did in their own sense of sanity prevailing under the circumstances which have gone on for almost a century now of what is to them and like minded observers clearly, state oppression.

His friend, a Jewish woman with whom he works and who came to his aid earlier when he fell under suspicion of being involved, says to him at the end that his in in fact guilty of living there as an alien as he cannot defend those all living there she says, when they come under attack, and this she says is unfair, as he has had it good, with help from those Jews who have taken him in to allow him the success he has enjoyed, along with the standard. of living and prestige they have afforded him despite all their concerns about his fit as an "equal" amongst their communal lot of Jews living in Israel as it turns out.

Michael Rizzo Chessman