The believer

"The believer" - 2001
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This is a look at a true-to-life portrayal of a character played so adroitly by Ryan Gosling in which he considers himself a superior form of being - ostensibly a "white supremacist" who is in fact also a Jew

The movie shows him to vent with violent urges he seems unable to control or channel with sanity and with an idea of causing mayhem whenever the opportunity were to arise - even turning against his "own" whether gentile or Jew along the way.

There is a look at the incredulous lesson touted to have been garnered from the story of Abraham who thought a good God could actually require some of his servants to kill an apparently innocent young being as some sort of incredulous idea of a "test of complete obedience" to some form of being up on the heavens it seems. Also in one scene a group of skinheads challenge a waiter in a Jewish restaurant as to why they treat cheese and meat as not for those with pious ideals of what good people have to do to prove themselves worthy to their chosen religious ideas in various regards as this,

In the end he goes back to his Jewish roots and still ends up planting a bomb in a synagogue only to have a change of heart one final time before taking the "sword" to himself in this manner when the bomb apparently claims him instead.
Michael Rizzo Chessman

The video opens with some unpleasant violence posited as antisemitic hate but seems mainly in reality the act of a ruthless thug with no sense of morality or conscience engaged but instead in a frenzy to feed in the manner of an animal divorced from human sensibility ultimately I say.