The Big Bang theory starring Ms. Kaley Cuoco  The Big Bang theory


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This immensely popular recent series from the US pits the mindset of the dearest form of human on the earth the makings of dearest Ms. Kaley Cuoco against an arguably opposing mindset in fundamental regards as the hilarious character Sheldon describes as being "from another species" than is he and his girlfriend on the show along with "Leonard" to whom he was most immediately making the comparison along with the rest of the gang.

Ultimately its about a choice of orientation on a world view with regards to
thoughts feelings emotions ideas and ultimate relation to that which gives the
right sense of well being on the planet I submit.

There are some hilarious moments that were "side splitting" with potential for bringing on uncontrollable laughter for moments no doubt for many in the audience enthralled by the wit and candor which flows from the pen of those writing these insightful scripts into the human condition, while we had to be at times aghast at the disgusting ideas of what they thought sane enough to think out loud or utter openly around the likes of dear "Penny" (played supremely by Kaley Cuoco - the best pick they could have made for the contrasts to come through in depiction of mindsets and character in this respect)

Its a timely series right now for the planet to look at where we've come to in the hopes of finding our way back - as dear "Penny" will lose her mind if this keeps up I say - and all those who would stick with her choices instead ultiamately when alternatives are made clearer than they seem now on the planet which would be doomed otherwise to less than the beauty of real human existentialism over feigning instead with faulty ideas by relative comparison certainly too.

Michael Rizzo Chessman