Sunt in fotunae qui casibus omnia ponant
Et nullo credant mundum rectore moveri

" there are those that attribute all things to chance 
and believe there is no supreme ruler at work instead"

Black book (2006) Sebastian Koch, Carice Van Houten
This is a great movie from Holland that is set in WWII
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Stars the popular Mr Sebastian Koch and the most lovely 
Ms Carice Van Houten

A Blonde beautiful woman of Jewish connection is romantically engaged 
to a high ranking caliber of German Officer in her bid to aid the war effort.

The frustration of the Dutch with the incompetence of Canadian styled
incompetence is highlighted towards the end of this movie when a
ranking Army officer from a Canadian involved regiment is referred
to as a "Canadian asshole" by the Dutch who are overwhelmed by the lack
of genius in the life and death decision that they see is made with no
regard to merit whatsoever. tut! tut!

The treatment of the character of Ms. Rachel Stein in having to literally
endure being innundated in merde for being viewed as a collaborator
is a disgusting sight that defies all human sanity of any decency whatever.
It certainly lacks all understanding of the concepts of merit or 
true decency on the part of the mob which inflicts its own brand
of justice. Oh well I guess we'll eventually get over it somehow -
although I have doubts of my own in this regard.

Michael Rizzo Chessman