The Borgias

Tamen poetis mentiri licet
"Nevertheless, it is allowed of poets - to lie"

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(2011-2013) The Borgias - 29 episode TV series - starring Jeremy Irons as pope, and with special performance by Ms. Holliday Grainger of england)

unded by Bell Media our ISP over many years and as well by the Government of Canada Arts Council Stars Jeremy Irons (Lolita 1997) (French Lieutenants woman) along with very dear to my own heart England's Acting sweetheart Ms. Holliday Grainger to whom I dedicate all my career to see her improving in this world in what is her lot in all aspects of good fortune. God bless!

This series looks at the frailty of mankind in choosing whomever he pleases as "the voice of the living god" (words used by Jeremy Irons to describe himself in the position of pope - despite seeming with no merit in true Christianly sense by comparison to what choices may instead be made - as better representing the best conscience of man
rather than as depicted in this movie - and which we know by reason of good natured beings who we are that know better in all such matters of obvious malfeasance involving all religious fanaticism who depart from human conscience in what we clearly know instead to be gods voice - implanted in each if us with merit - as the voice of reason, the voice of conscience. as such, as said by one cleric in this series, the pope must not steal from Italy but rather give to them there that have needs based on merit in what he refers to as (equitable) re-distribution of income and wealth. Long overdue comrades.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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