movie imag The day of the Jackal

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This is based on a novel by the great fiction writer of the genre Frederick Forsyth - I grew up reading his novels as a teen along with Erle Stanley Gardner (Parry Mason) Robert Ludlum (who later came up with the Bourne series) and James Hadley Chase an American Crime-fiction writer popular back then - I bought all these novels from my allowance from a bookstore in Tanga Tanzania where you could get all such books and even comics (Archie, Topper, Beezer) etc you could want - as long as you had money. And we certainly did as my family was quite well to do by local standards im happy to say as it allowed me the luxury of private British Boarding school attendance after having passed the entrance testing including nuances that were english language and culture focused for good measure. Great Australian Headmaster Mr. Nettlebeck!

I wouldn't wanna miss out on any movie by any such greatest author of this genre. This tale is about a plot to assassinate General Charles De Gaulle who as head of the government of France betrayed many seeming French "patriots" by granting independence to Algeria, a former territory of France won through much sacrifice and loss of French colonial personnel in the process.

I love this movie genre and would recommend it to you all as a title you should have in your library for a lifetime in addition to all that we show and review at our website at

Michael Rizzo Chessman