Ama tanquam osurus; oderis tanquam amturus
"Love as though you might have to hate;
hate as though you might have to love"


The four Feathers (2002) Britain

Some versions of this movie's disc contain the added audio track of so-called commentary by the (Indian) Director Shekhar Kapur who  gives us his own biased (anti) take on western culture versus his own and especially his distaste for British ideas of colonization and
 crusading in respect of selling Chrsitianity abroad when wars are  resorted to etc. He suggests that the British are "afraid" of intimacy,  and that they are a "very violent people" which is why he says, they  engage in colonizing others. A preacher in the movie suggests
 colonization of these other areas on the planet by the British is Gods  way of ensuring that the more noble (spirit) prevails instead of lower classes of (unchristianly thinking) beings perhaps. Kapur says he is
 disturbed by this comment in addition to other things he says - such as making reference to "women ending
up with their skirts up, and men with their trousers down" in his impression of the goings on at the sort of gathering in a scene - how very poorly chosen this man turned out to be for a Director it seems. Such a vulgar comment as that should have been rejected from his script I should think as showing unacceptably bad taste and judgment in this matter.

The four feathers "Dinka woman" image

As to Paur's reference to the "dinka woman" as a "spermodel", i behooves us to declare now that people are all made differently as to what they can manage to perceive or convince themselves of as "beauty" - I think we are all hardwired in this respect - and therefore I think we ought to keep dissonant ideas of merit from being inflicted on those who dont deserve it given what it is their endowment is instead - as its patently simply abuse no doubt for folks to inflict their own brand instead - if it stands opposed to the perceptions of our best minds on the planet naturally speaking over time,  when clearly any sane person would say you're out to lunch in regards to certain of your picks being posited to populations made otherwise in what is their sanity as to what they can accept - you cannot make folks over - you can only degenerate their spirit over time with dissonant images - as they are intended it would appear given the incredulous sort of insanity being displayed in what is being proposed for "normal" instead - one group to another I think.  Ive seen better in my time having born in Tanzania as to what goes for beautiful there, and there are some chrsitianly spirits around there I can tell you quite frankly, however ultimately I think the director is probably simply reading from a script he's been handed by someone in Britain (where the movie is made) involved with such "movies" clearly intent on insanely rude level of mischief.

This is otherwise an interesting movie exploring the ideas surrounding volunteering perhaps for the army at the moment of going to war - versus wanting to stay behind in order to get married, or pursue other interests rather than risking life and limb in some war (Sudan
in this case) which doesn't fully capture the imagination as a cause worth dying for - in order to motivate it would appear. (Leave the fighting to the more dispensable instead perhaps).

A British man's fiancee and close friends declare him to be guilty of cowardice and each send him a white feather
- meant to convey this message to him - as a result he seeks to redeem himself together with his sense of honour whatever
the risk.

Michael Rizzo Chessman