The goodbye girl (1977)
The Goodbye Girl (1977)
Richatd Dreyfuss, Marsha Mason

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This Best Picture Oscar Nominated picture from 1977 and Oscar
winning movie for best actor - (Richard Dreyfuss) also stars
Marsha Mason (Dreyfuss you will remember also starred along
with Barbara Hershey and Danny Devito also in one of my most
favourite movies - Tin Men - a movie from 1987)

Its worthwhile watching the interactions between these two
actors, they appear to gain each others acceptance pretty much
all the way despite a bit of bickering and even a bit of nastiness
at the outset and along the way perhaps maybe.

For example, Richard Dreyfuss plays a character who, when moving
into an apartment occupied by the woman played by Marsha Mason,
he grabs her underclothes which are hanging on the bathroom
shower rod and asserts that he doesn't "want to see panties"
around here - because he likes to take a shower in the mornings.
He also tells her that he may come for something from the
refrigerator in the middle of the night and feels no need to
wear pyjamas (or anything that is) - a condition she has to accept
apparently and does in fact agree at the outset.

Oh well, you learn a lot about people and how they think and so
of the resulting cultures and sub-cultures they form as part
of the larger community in which they all function - trying to all
do their best of course to get along it would appear.

Michael Rizzo Chessman