The house
on Carroll Street

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This movie starring the lovely Ms. Kelly McGillis (
gives us a sense of deja-vu when "communism" was the word for calling someone "bad" and for blackballing them as we see at the beginning of the movie with the senate hearings and Senators preying as hawks on their victims as they come through in ll too many such cases it seems, certainly as it is played out at this moment against those who oppose the agenda of those who harbour so-called "politically correct" ideas for what to do with the planets resources and on such items as misogyny and old fashioned family values and what have you.

Communism was harmful to the human spirit I grant you and so
those involved must rightly have been dealt with on the planet to end
its "woke" influence - likewise the even more insidious brand of it we
now face with the same folks who seemed to oppose the original
brand of so-called "communism" now screaming at everyone to play
along with their notions of being "equal" - to the extent of even
condemning men who read the "swimsuit issue" as being "sexist" Now
that level of humanly stupid is a definite prescription to drive
everyone normal to go insane with overtime eh! Time to call it quits
with this mindset in control I submit - as there is nothing of merit in what they seek to impose by draconian means as we have seen along the way with the likes of ANTIFA extremist violent groups being allowed to not only flaunt the rejection of law and order - these folks now wanna do away with the police to further their agenda with no one seeming able to respond. Wow!

Michael Rizzo Chessman