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This series takes a look at the interactions between the British folks in Wales, and the
recent immigrants from India brought in as Doctor and wife, the latter being hard to get along with for all including her husband with her outlandish attitude - even refuses to cook for him - would you believe? (Having been used to having servants to do the work in their native home in India).

The Doctor although being like a fish out of water in many social occasions seems genuinely wanting to seem to be likeable and willing to listen and become at home with the folks in the small Welsh village he finds himself in, ignorant perhaps at the start, of local ways, but  willing to be a part of it all given his good humour which he displays all along, including a moment when he asks a patient to "take his trousers off" for what was a seeming altogether ailment in the first place which brought the poor chap in.

Michael Rizzo Chessman