The Insult 2017 The Insult (2017)

Latin quote: Ad poenitendum properat quito qui judicat
"He often finds need to make repentance who judges hastily"

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This movie was nominated for best foreign Picture award at the 2018 Academy Awards and might have won an Oscar although I personally think the scripting is so poor and biased against Arabs in the region seeing them as pitted against one another in senseless fashion given the language used by one to attack the other early on in the movie, that I personally would have had the making of this movie banned were I in charge of matters in Lebanon where this movie was shot apparently, we are told.

The language I speak of, hard to fathom in any way to my sensibilities on the matter, is having a man of Lebanese origins attack a man from Palestine (a fellow arab certainly - with shared history common bonds and in fact indistinguishable roots generally speaking) telling him, get this - that he wished "Ariel Sharon had wiped out all Palestinians" - Incredible to have such words uttered by a man who should know better and I for one believe that if it weren't scripted for a movie part, such words would never appear in the realm of possibilities on the planet - let alone Lebanon where such fine people come from as I have met over the years.

For those unaware of who Sharon was, (he's dead now), I'd like to quote from wikipedia as found a moment ago:

According to wikipedia:  Ariel Sharon was the Israeli Defence Minister at the time Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982. An official enquiry found that he bore "personal responsibility" for the Sabra and Shatila massacre [in Lebanon] and recommended that he be removed as Defense Minister. His role in the massacre led to him being known as the "Butcher of Beirut" among Arabs.

The script, therefore suggests that a man with this reputation of being a "war criminal" even as determined and agreed to by men of conscience in Israel too (as the wikipedia article reads as quoted above) could be used in a sentence in such a manner by a man of Lebanon in command of his senses supposedly. I think not. This movie belongs ultimately in the trash as meant to cause harm to the spirit of kinship among good and decent folks of Arab descent who I believe could never stoop so low in their disagreements with one another as to back a "Sharon" again't a fellow member of the Arab family I am certain and believe wholeheartedly having known many such people during my life and having seen their kindship with one another during my years growing up where I did. (Some arabs did settle in East Africa, primarily on the island of Zanzibar and elsewhere) So the lawsuit against this Palestinian man, who in my own view couldn't be blamed for striking out physically against such a harmful assault to his humane sensibilities should certainly have gone free rather than being sued - a case which was tried in two levels of courts in this movie ultimately before a verdict we could all agree with could be rendered.

The woman playing defence counsel (who is from the region I believe) is completely credible in my view as a woman of the highest integrity and moral understanding with wisdom all could benefit from I daresay! Beautiful soul and spirit in my own regard of the situation I say.

The opposing counsel was a man given to flights of fancy as to what are legitimate arguments he could suppose to offer and indulge in for moment at a time, swinging from one end to the other in his ideas seemingly, and ultimately seeming to have no real moral basis of legitimacy for most of what he said in support of his client as scripted. I say he can do better, however he clearly needs guidance as to what principles have merit in such situations as this.

It is clear that some personalities can become pigheaded and unreasonable in their demands, positions, and ultimate intentions in matters at hand such as this, especially in how the movie starts out. Such men shouldn't taint an entire peoples and should be sidelined from decision making affecting the area or in stirring up hatreds in the region generally speaking in any way which is not justified speech intended to bring an end to injustices in a humanly conscionable manner - without threatening the world at large and innocent folk that have no ideas to be of harm personally. On the other hand, I think its mainly the script that taints the man "Tony" in this way, I think he's a better man than that and this I choose to believe with all my heart forever more amen.

Hi to all our nicest folks in the mideast - regardless

Michael Rizzo Chessman