The Jewel in the Crown (PBS Masterpiece theater)

Tros, Tyriusve mihi nullo discrimine agitur
"Trojan or Tyrian - I treat them as the same without discerning between them..."

The jewel in the Crown) (PBS Masterpiece theatre series)

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Star appearance by Mr. Charles Dance

This interesting series from the great folks at PBS is more of
"A passage to India" in what story tales are involved and the
related lessons to be garnered.

I don't believe that either culture involved wishes to be subject
to the other or have ideas they wish to learn from each other in
a wish to change - ultimately I would say fer shure.

That said, it would appear that the best thing to observe at this
point is the saying that no doubt "the jury is still out on this one"

thanks for sharing
Michael Rizzo Chessman