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last prayer 

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This is a documentary about to the threat to Christianly spirited people - especially actual Christian faith members in the Middle
East and anywhere else on the planet that good and decent folk
are targets of those who have bigoted ideas of playing "religiously
superior" or "cruelly insane" as the terrorists have been towards
our best folks on the planet in respect of beautiful Christianly
spirit so many of them - Ive often said that the brunette stock of
women of Christianly spirit (regardless of what religion - if truly good spirited in Christian understanding of the word rightly) are the absolutely most loving women on the planet towards their men in Christianly extreme fashion I submit with care.

It is documented in this video that Christians such as foreign Minister Tariq Aziz held high positions in the government of Iraq
under President Saddam Hussein. The moslem extremist element
which came to the fore following the deadly devastation there
caused by relentless bombing and needless sanctions intent it
would seem on the decent human spirit there - resulted in the
slaughter of too many Christians by terrorist minded moslems
it is said. How terrible for our dear folks there ! say, often
feeling teary eyed as I view images of the suffering of our
folks around the mideast including what is shown of Syrian
suffering in this video, and the Arab christian woman whose
picture is shown above and included with the download.
What a dear dear soul indeed!

Ultimately the real test of a good person isn't whether you
pray 5 or 6 times a day and facing what direction etc - its is
whether you stand up to barbarian standards of judicial
amputation in Saudi Arabia, the rape and torture of Christian
women by misfits who are not fit to call themselves men as they
are witches what is the cruelty they demonstrate is the stuff
their minds are obviously the stuff of instead. No you do not need formal religion to be a good decent human being- often quite
the contrary as we see. Instead you must have a sanely valid sense of conscience and decency of spirit which are the real
hallmarks of real good christianly folks - whether they are in fact formally moslems (free of extremist teachings of any sort)
or Christians alike.

By the way, my wife Elizabeth (from Australia) and I were married
at "our Lady of Lebanon" Church here in Toronto as she was a
practicing Catholic when we first met. All I had to do was present
my certificate of baptism which I sent away for to the Church in Edmonton where I had the experience as a young man - only to become sworn to Humanism instead quite soon after. My parents
are Mideastern Moslems yt they seem as Christian to me equally
and my mother spends all day sunday watching Christian
programing on TV

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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