The mover (2018)

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This is a WWII era movie set in Latvia and featuring a man who has German features and claims German relatives for which he earlier mainly receives only warnings from the Gestapo against involvement with Jews or Communists who were involved in fighting Germans, as being supporters of Russia instead - the main character is scripted to say at first that being unfazed when confronted with fear of death is unwise as it may lead to rashness perhaps in ones thinking and this may indeed bring on death prematurely or unnecessarily as one might extrapolate from his comment to discern what it is he is actually saying.

That said, he is shown in a sex scene with vigorous physical machinations which seem to inspire at its conclusion a bold idea of sorts, but which his wife in understandably dismayed and in fear for her very life and that of her children, the man decides he will shelter as many jews as he can "in his house" and in the underground area below it. Earlier he had admonished all concerned that harbouring or concealing or aiding Jews would bring certain death - no reason for this change of heart is really given for him to risk his wife and children in possibly horrible death - death with certainty in any event - other than a passing comment that he didnt want to "see any more bodies" dead as he had just done in the area where he agreed only reluctantly to allow a jewish man to stay
hidden for "a couple of days"

Some think of this man as a Latvian "Schindler" as he apparently ultimately is said to have saved 50 Jewish people for the fate they faced, however that may be a bit overblown given the numbers involved.
Michael Rizzo Chessman