The Night of the Generals (Peter O'Toole)

Latin quote:
Nulli negabimus, nulli differemus justitiam
To none that is so deserving will we deny justice, or even delay justice for that matter 
The night of the generals

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Omar Sharif seems quite mis-cast as a trooper along the way
apparently wanting to do justice in seeing a murder investigated
which we see the German officers present wanting to see disappear
instead - as a German Army general - would you believe - is
suspected to be the offender in this crime of gruesome murder of
a lovely blonde spirit of a french woman in fact! Insane! I'm sure
many actual German officers could have played the role of
investigator in place of Omar Sharif who reads his lines rather
with a noticeable awkwardness which leaves everyone
uncomfortable as to his role in their midst. many men of conscience
even in the German army would have had no taste for this kind of
murderer getting away with the cold blooded slaughter of a
Frenchwoman casually picked up at a bar they frequent in this
movie, I'm sure that can be argued without too much objection for
crissakes - or what are we as humans on this earth ultimately, I

Peter O'Toole is the prime suspect and it is a Caligula like mindset
which he seems to impart along the way in some insane fixation on
his brain it would appear - Paul Newman is certainly not playing
this role in some other movie type - thats fer shure! Why not more
of Paul Newman's typical character depictions type of roles on the
movie sets eh!

Anyway, it takes some time, but justice is finally done, praise god
as it were. Amen

Michael Rizzo Chessman