The Occupation (2020)
aka "my name is sarah"

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Click here too for bonus mini documentary clip on opposite treatment of women
versus men captured as prisoners of war in Russia by the German invading army

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So I'm sorry to say I don't like any attempts to unjustly or even unfairly tarnish (if this is so in this example here as we might find along the way , even in the present day world unfortunately  with so many haters running around) their good name of any peoples as this movie seems to do by showing too much violence against family members of this Ukrainian village at the hands of Ukraine's own vigilantes from the area, the man depicted to be a Ukrainian farmer in the starring role, and it is horrible to see the atrocities by the invading occupying forces from German squads who had no business being there I should say, indeed, if mindless carnage was all that was to be the outcome. One of those men lying there could well have been the equivalent of Mark Sachkiw the District manager of the Radio Shack Retail chain where I was Manager too at a young age I must say- who has such greatest competence - I'd prefer his humanity anyday over the mindless killers shown in the scene in the included image. No rhyme or reason to how they picked their victims so senseless is all anyone could call it. Barbaric even.

Michael Rizzo Chessman