The Israeli lobbying effort Stateside  The occupation of the American mind - a Joint Documentary production by  Norway Sweden and  USA based TV teams

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This compelling documentary made by a team showing great care to be fair and conscionable as is rarely the case in regards to mideastern affairs in regards to the US in any event (as is fully documented in this video) starts by quoting current Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as stating "it doesn't matter if you are right (have justice on your side that is) - you simply have to make it appear as though you do". tut! tut! A further Jewish group founder goes on to say that "propaganda is not a dirty word" in Israel's struggle to win the PR war now unfolding it seems finally in western regards. The brutal war against Lebanon in what was the Israeli invasion all were bewildered by to the extent of naming Israel the "Neighbourhood bully", the massacre in the camps in Lebanon in which cold blooded slaughter was carried out with the compliance of Israeli forces by local militias for which Israel's then foreign minister earned the nickname "butcher of Lebanon" (according to the IMDB listing for him) along with attacks on Gaza all show the case against the actions of Israel's actors thus far, along with their arguments as to why they choose to act as depicted in this video. So see for yourself and then decide in all fairness I submit as to who should rightly prevail in matters there as described - given the needs for fairness never seen before, I am predicting now, will be the case in what is to come in the region and the planet no doubt.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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