the onedin line 

Season 1 (360p)

Season 2 (360p)

This interesting series starring (born in Germany) Mr. Peter Gilmore tells the tale of marriage
for financial opportunity too often I would say considering what our dear chap Mr. Peter Gilmore
(who harkens from Australia just as well) is saddled with in respect of his own spirit not being
equalled by the choice for wife made in this Television Series (BBC) (or in real life at the time it
would appear - same woman)

He would have been rightly suited I should say most certainly instead with perhaps dear "Elizabeth"
with whom he is shown in the picture showing above ere and in the torrent folder. Archie Bunker all
over again?(saddled with a stark contrast to his clearly showing alternative spirit of which there
are better matches certainly as even Archie Bunker shows it to be later in the "All in the family"
series with his fling with a lovely blonde Irish spirited waitress as it were.

Enjoy this nice series from the BBC a
Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo TV Series uploads)

The Onedin Line