The package (1989) Gene Hackman

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the package

the package

Stars Mr. Gene Hackman, in an action and suspense filled movie filmed in Berlin and the USA set in the cold war era of detente. Includes scenes involving East German (DDR) Police incident depiction who along with an American crew of troopers encounter a pair of German nationals who first indicate a willingness and armed plan to sabotage international peace negotiations to end the cold war. We are told that both the American military brass involved with a Soviet ranking officer are involved in an assassination plot to keep the peace agreement to disarm the nuclear menace on the planet mainly involving the superpowers at the time from being signed. The theory being that is we have nuclear weapons on both sides, enough to destroy each other, then a war initiated by either side to destroy the other would be meaningless. (Reminds me of a Latin quote which says it is foolish to try and harm your neighbour by setting fire to his house - if in fact the fire is no doubt as quickly going to take down your house next too) What these nay sayers to peace agreements don't take into account that by maintaining these weapons we risk being as we seem to be now - at a doomsday clock ticking away scenario, as apparently some don't seem to care anymore if the entire world were to end in such manner by starting a war deliberately as we see with no cause for doing so yet again. And with clearly such malicious and "consequences be damned" attitude in such evil minded seeming "egging on" of the nuclear threat to be realized to remaining humanity on the planet that having these weapons becomes the problem, in the hands of any such rogue regime as it were - if in fact they remain in control of them on this earth. No more of such madness should go on or ever be allowed again - no such weapons - and no one to use them with such malicious disregard for humanity to exist in peace and in actual fullness of humanly sane happiness which is the god given right instead in fact.

Michael Rizzo Chessman