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Le Passe (The Past) (2013) - (French language with optional english subtitles)

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This is a look at a torn relationship between a brunette styled Frenchwoman
- Miss Bérénice Bejo and two men from the middle east - at least one of whom
Monsieur Asghar Farhadi hails from the Iranian area. many of the best men from
the middle-astern countries such as Iran and Lebanon could pass for Italian even
or Spanish perhaps in the manner in which they choose to believe in their ideas
of manhood and humanism in general i should think and are as good as men as you
could find in Europe I think so too in any event over the long run I say.

You might remember him from the telling movie from Iran (the separation) in which
he appeared with Ms. Leila Hatami with whom he is very well matched indeed as they
share a common bond of mutual understanding and loving care as characters
that run too deep to be lost in displacement or momentary misunderstandings.
They know each others moods, temperments, thoughts, ideas, values, and meanings
of all it is that they say and do. They are prepared to accommodate and do what they 
must do and be in order to meet the needs of each other. These connections
run deep and are precious to those in the middle east as they are a bastion of
true human warmth and genuine deep rooted feeling from the heart and at the core
of their true being that will serve as a bastion of good for the planet in the
years to come, well into the future I believe.

The Frenchwoman in this movie could also have been cast opposite a Spanish or
Italian man too perhaps with similar outcome I should think.

See this interesting movie which shows a great understanding of the two
cultures involved, and is a great read of characters in their differences and
similarities that share a bond on the planet, and within their own traditional areas
especially - although the Frenchwoman as i say would do well in Spain
or Italy too I'm sure.

Michael Rizzo Chessman