The Salesman The Salesman
(Iran - 2016)

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This film is an Oscar Winner for best (foreign) picture that deserved its win, I did see it at a theater here in Toronto Canada when it was first released. A crime fiction story.

Written and Directed by Mr. Ashgar Farhadi, it stars Shahab Hosseini and Taraneh Alidoosti who carry their roles extremely well I think. Also brilliantly performed is the role of the accused attacker in what is a brutal crime against a  defenceless woman as scripted. In this respect its awful to see a movie that shows too much carnage which is unnecessary to see such as the wounds inflicted on the character played by actress Taraneh Alidoosti.

I can only repeat what I've said in the past, there is much human beauty to see in these beautiful and lovely folks of that region, great spirit in men, and loving women who are real to them i find unreservedly with merit on both sides I find.

The acting of the two main actors towards the end when the Husband of the victim confronts the supposed attacker is astoundingly beautiful in what we see of the human spirit as they are incredibly aware of how cruel it would be to do such a thing to a woman in this humanly cognizant culture in particular as to attack her in the shower for reasons of lust alone to begin with, and then a crazed brutal cruel and barbaric use of a weapon to cause harm in what seems like a murder attempt to cover up the initial crime. I personally found the man too sensitive and humanly presenting to be in real life in any way possibly guilty of such a cruel misdeed, but then this is the stuff of crime novels, stretching the imagination for reasons of merit perhaps, in that after all it might just be possible that such a man could be guilty, and so en guarde as they say, but with some sanity please for the sake of the genuinely supremely nice folk there in my own experience equally
I daresay.

Michael Rizzo Chessman