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Mr. James

Mr. James Gandolfini - pressphoto

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This is the very popular mob TV series we bring you here
starring the great sincere and genuinely decent Mr. James Gandolfini of genuine Italian core endowment, everyone else
who doesn't rate the top as he does therefore, eat your hearts
out with envy and with no doubt a desire to sabotage his good
name! Good luck fellas! We got his back and we are in this
together!! Mans just too good to be for real - however that
is who he is - for real - the man made just this good enough
for all to take heart in and be glad the world ain't all evil
after all!!

They still do hit him with political correct propaganda
throughout the series - even from his daughter fer crissakes
and in scenes involving other actors - one in which a woman
takes a heavy caliber revolver and shoots a man straight
in the heart as his old fashioned mores from the old country
wont allow him to take a "so what!!!!" kinda expression from
the woman as to whether his son mighta turned out gay and
unable to share his sense of family in the same vein as he does.
she bloody well kills him for it!!

Sounds like Hollywood is all out for glory this go round huh?
Think again fellas - we aint buyin the rhetoric at this level eh...
yer losin all credibility for reality fer crissakes with such suggestive scripting I would suggest.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo upl)

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