The White Massai - farcical image

Latin phrase: Novum et ad hanc diem non auditum
translation: "an unimaginable proposition" (and forever more,
absolutely - amen!!!!)

"Suum cuique pelchrum"
"To every man, it is his own kind which is beautiful"

The White Massai (2005) Miss Nina Hoss (germany)  

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This is a most incredible movie to witness as having been made for
the incredulous journey for the extremest sexual encounter this
German woman (played by Nina Hoss) could possibly have envisaged
in her history, but which seems like an idea whose time has come
for those willing to try the radical departure involved from usual
thinking on these matters in respect of cultural norms they have
previously maintained and have lived with for so long.

In the end Nina Hoss's character says in the movie "I cant go on like

Lets hope she finds some peace at the end of her journey and settles
into whatever promotes her idea of sanely living to the fullest in the
most ideally suited way for her being - all things considered of course.

The nice German boyfriend she ditches for a sexual liason with a
(blood drinking - as we are shown in the movie) Massai tribesman from
Africa seemed in every way attentive to her, and even a soulmate
perhaps but perhaps not, is she thinks so - in any event perhaps she
should continue her search if she pleases to wherever else it may lead
until she finally finds some true happiness she seems to have been
missing out on to her way of thinking it seems.

Oh well, they think of everything in "Hollywood" these days to entice
the planet to try everything as equally enough sensible in regards to
some feign or other.

Michael Rizzo Chessman