Stultorum infinitus ets numerus
"Of fools, the number is

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The White Ribbon (2009) 

If you watch this movie you will realize at the outset where some of the very best 
gals on the planet are made - in Germany of course. That is that is where they are 
made by God - and then of course some geniuses like the movie character of 
Christopher Plummer decide in their own native wisdom that it is perhaps a "dog 
whistle" (meant for "canines" as Julie Andrews rightly points out in the great movie 
"The Sound of Music") that rightly better trains these already best of people. What 
cruelly retarded nonsense of insane abuse that is heaped on Gods best children 
as a result of people who lack better sense than they do. It is Germany that gives us 
Meg Ryan and Jessica Lange etc - and it is those that do not have their true human
spirit who should not be set upon them or pervade their midst.

This is a mainly sad movie from Germany about the mistreatment of women and
children at the hands of particularly ignorant men who are featured in this
story who should know better but apparently don't appear to well enough.
One of whom is a Preacher and Schoolmaster even.

On the other hand, regardless, Its truly wonderful indeed to see such kindly
natured and beautifully spirited children amongst those shown, in particular
the gal who wears the "White ribbon" at some point, as she is I believe the
real stuff that the legend of what is known to be the true German spirit
in this regard is ultimately made of, I would say - certainly! Greatest stuff

Michael Rizzo Chessman