Titus (1999) Mr. Anthony Hopkins, Ms. Jessica Lange

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Man has suffered such cruel inhuman barbarities over the periods of history 
that have gone before us, that all too many people carry the effects in what 
it is they experience of continual dissonance and the need to vent at times 
insanely even in order to explain their sufferings as a result of the presence 
of freaks who have the mind to inflict such cruelties, and indeed to the extent 
that can only be described as demonic and certainly witch-like, I believe and 
is evidenced I would say in what you see in this movie and others that are to 
come that explain such horrors that are a reality at this time for what inhabits 
the earth in all too many of its inhabitants at the present time. 

Lets pray for a more humane mindset to prevail as we seek a better way 
forward free from the effects of such cruelly formed minds as are described in 
this movie and also free from the needs of their victims to vent in any way not 
Christianly against others who are not the ones harming them in an evil way. 

Michael Rizzo Chessman